In a fast-paced business environment, flexibility is a competitive advantage. When your business or organization needs additional space, consider the advantages of flexible modular space from US Modular Group, Inc.

 Benefits of Modular Buildings

From a single modular unit to a large complex, the seasoned team at US Modular Group can deliver the perfect modular building to solve your space problems. Whether you need space for  commercial, daycare, educational, healthcare or retail applications, count on US Modular.

If you need need temporary or permanent space, US Modulara’s cost effective buildings offer you complete flexibility:

  • Custom built to your specifications and local building codes
  • Standard and custom configurations available
  • Flexible financing plans available
  • Less expensive than traditional construction
  • Building construction and site preparation occur simultaneously
  • US Modular buildings can be expanded, or relocated as needed

Advantages of Working with US Modular Group 

US Modular provides you with a single point of contact. Our experienced professionals will coordinate each phase of your modular project. The US Modular team can assist you with:

  • Building design and planning
  • Site preparation
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Installation and relocation


Experience is the Difference.

Contact US Modular Group for Your Commercial Facility Needs.

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