Federal Projects

With over 25 year of industry experience, US Modular been a provider of temporary and permanent space modular solutions for a wide variety of departments including the Local, States and Federal Government.

US Modular has worked on a variety of projects delivering on time and on budget projects in collaboration with contracting officers and government personnel to provide:

  • Portable buildings and mobile offices for applications ranging from ruggedized structures for the Forestry Services to urban faculties
  • Storage Containers
  • High customized modular buildings – design / build services to meet very specific requirements.

Additional applications include:

  • Administration
  • Support
  • Operations Headquarters
  • Data Centers Training
  • Education Medical
  • Laboratories Communications / SCIF

Municipal Facilities and State Buildings

US Modular hands on approach to working with local and state government agencies is the ability to collaborate on budget and design goals as requirements change. This results in a project deliver model that ensures all departmental stakeholders achieve their desired goals.

In addition to our building standards, US Modular has a track record of meeting local and federal safety standards including OSHA and MSHA.

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