Modular Buildings

US Modular Group’s custom modular buildings are ideal for numerous commercial applications. Our buildings offer you convenient, professional, and flexible space where and when you need it. Whether you need temporary or permanent space, US Modular Group buildings offer comfortable, economical and flexible commercial space.

Modular Office

US Modular Group buildings offer office solutions for many applications:

  • administrative offices
  • banks and financial institutions
  • convenience stores
  • executive offices
  • golf pro shops
  • guard shacks
  • real estate development offices
  • sales centers

Modular Commercial Buildings

In addition, US Modular Group buildings offer high quality options and integration to existing structures:

  • Interiors and exteriors can be customized to meet your specific needs
  • Modular units can be relocated or expanded if required
  • Buildings are available with tailored work area configurations
  • Flexible financing options
  • Exteriors that match your existing facilities
  • Standard and custom configurations

Portable and Mobile Buildings

Just because we do great work, doesn’t mean we can meet the business needs for basic facilities.  Need it fast, we can do it.  Need it within a budget, we’ll make it happen.

Modular Mining Buildings

The rugged conditions and locations of mines require their own set of unique design requirements and budget goals.  At US Modular Group, we look at the needs and build modular structures that make sense for the location and transportation. 


 Experience is the Difference. 

Contact US Modular Group for Your Commercial Facility Needs.

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