Modular Classrooms

Shifting demographics and changing enrollments consistently challenge schools to provide effective educational facilities. Modular classroom buildings from US Modular Group offer fast, flexible, cost-efficient solutions to public and private schools, colleges and universities. Whether your use is short-term or permanent, US Modular Group can deliver the space where and when you need it.

Popular modular facilities for educations services include:

  • Computer Rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Science Labs
  • Special Education

Administrative Office Space

In the delivery of education  it usually the administration office that are under-serviced with the necessary facilities to accommodate staff.  This is where US Modular Group can help expand in a cost effective manner with buildings that are comfortable administrative purposes.  

US Modular can delivery high quality and low cost modular facilities to service the office space requirement for administration.  

Modular University Buildings

As demands for university facilities grows, US Modular can provided the necessary temporary and permanent modular building structures to meet the needs of an expanding  campus.  From specialty buildings (i.e. science and technology) to administrative, US Modular Group can deliver rapid deployments for both temporary and long term structures.

Portable Classrooms

We offer an array of standard configurations and sizes, from a single classroom to an entire school campus. US Modular Group will design a custom modular building to meet your educational needs today as well as tomorrow. We need another sentence here All US Modular Group educational facilities meet all applicable codes.

Custom school facility solutions from US Modular include:

  • classrooms
  • residence halls
  • administrative office space
  • computer rooms
  • day care centers
  • libraries
  • special education
  • university book stores
  • lecture halls
  • science labs
  • information centers
  • continuing and adult education


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